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  • MaterialWho for KWGT

    Version : 1.3.0 [Patched]

    IMPORTANT: - This is not a standalone app. These another apps are required:KWGT:

  • MIUI Widgets for KWGT

    Version : 2021.Sep.23.15 [Paid]

    MIUI widgets for KWGT based on MIUI Design Widgets. MIUI widgets for KWGT is based on beautiful MIUI...

  • Potion For KWGT

    Version : 1.0.0 [Paid]

    ATTENTION!This is not a stand alone app. POTION KWGT require KWGT Pro [PAID APPLICATION].Potion has ...

  • Evoque KWGT

    Version : 3.3 [Paid]

    Evoque - widgets like no other. A touch of asthetic luxuryEvoque is here to add an orginal touch of ...

  • Ambrosia for KWGT

    Version : 2021.Sep.12.14 [Paid]

    Ambrosia is a beautiful card design widget pack which is perfectly made for spice up your home scree...

  • BeeUI KWGT

    Version : 3.0.0 [Mod] [Sap]

    ATTENTIONThis is not a stand-alone app. BeeUI KWGT requires KWGT Pro [PAID APPLICATION].BeeUI KWGT i...

  • Balloon KWGT

    Version : 8.0 [Paid]

    Welcome to Balloon KwgtFollow stepsThis is not stand alone app. You need• KWGT :

  • Rocket KWGT

    Version : 1.1 [Paid]

    A new minimalist widgets design, designed for your homescreen. Clean & beautiful widget pack✅ Low pr...

  • Pastel KWGT

    Version : 2021.Aug.18.17 [Paid]

    This is not a stand alone app.Twelve require KWGT PRO (Not free version)Widgets with a unique and co...

  • Magnum Kwgt

    Version : 6.4 [Paid]

    This is not a stand alone app. Magnum Kwgt require KWGT PRO (not free version).Magnum Kwgt contains ...