Drivemode - Driving Interface 7.7MVersion5.2.0 Drivemode - Driving Interface

Drivemode is a driving app with a “no look” interface that allows you to focus on the road ahead, not your phone, while accessing music, navigatio

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智行火车票-12306购票914.90 KBVersion3.8.6智行火车票-12306购票

自动监控,智能查询,预订支付,随时抢票,列车时刻; 适时监控剩余火车票,一旦发现合适的车票立即通知; 智能分析附近站点的

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 China Southern Airlines 6.2MVersion3.1.7 China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airline mobile portal is a multifunctional business platform, which includes flight booking, travel guide, mobile check-in, membership management, ticket verificatio

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【深圳公交查询利器——候车神器】 西部公汽实时线路10月20日全部开通,实时公交覆盖深圳主要区域。 公交车什么时候来?还要等多

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 Citymapper - Real Time Transit Varies with devVersion6.19.1 Citymapper - Real Time Transit

★ EDITORS CHOICE ON THE PLAY STORE!! :) :) (July 2015) ★★ Includes Android WEAR app - featured at Google I/O 2015 â˜

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#简单旅程,你我同行# 航班管家帮您做到:  简单快速查询航班、订购机票;  实时了解飞机起降信息; 手机自助值机,轻松

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Car Home Ultra1002.20 KBVersion4.11Car Home Ultra

Customize up to 18 shortcuts to launch apps, direct dial numbers, or even navigate to a specific location. Customize the Data Panel with:  - Speedometer (Speaks when pressed

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 Traffic, Radars & GPS - Glob Variiert je nacVersion2.1.3 Traffic, Radars & GPS - Glob

Software  den Verkehr Geschwindigkeit bestimmen, auf dem Straßennetz. Es basiert auf anonymen Erfassung Ihrer localisation, Geschwindigkeit und Richtung Ihres Fahrzeugs. Di

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 AutoMate - Car Dashboard 9.0MVersion1.6.2 AutoMate - Car Dashboard

AutoMate makes common services available to you from your device while you're driving. With AutoMate, you get the right information at the right time, so you can focus on the road.

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 Moovit: Next Bus & Train Info Varies with devVersion5.3.0.280 Moovit: Next Bus & Train Info

Say goodbye to waiting for that bus, train or subway that isn’t coming and say hello to Moovit, your free, local transit planner, featuring live arrival & depa

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第一家实现违章信息覆盖全国、手机直接缴费处理的专业级APP! 每天超过200万用户使用免费查询服务,超过1万个用户通过手机下单办理

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 JetSmarter Private Jet Charter 22MVersion6.6.258 JetSmarter Private Jet Charter

The JetSmarter App connects you with a private jet at the tap of a button. Request, Fly, and Pay via your mobile phone.Gain insider access to Empty Leg Deals and fly for FREE on pr

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上海地铁官方指南SHANGHAI Train19MVersion4.10上海地铁官方指南SHANGHAI Train

上海地铁官方指南,是由上海地铁与上海隽泰网络有限公司合作开发的一款官方地铁指南软件。 和其他软件相比,我们最大的优势在于

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 Fuelio: Fuel log & costs 5.3MVersion6.4.2 Fuelio: Fuel log & costs

Fuel log, mileage, fuel consumption, costs tracking app for Android. Track your fill-ups, fuel consumption, fuel costs and save money.FEATURE LIST:- Easy and clean design- Mileage

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 Trackbook GPS 1.0MVersion1.0.1 Astronomy Domine Trackbook GPS

Trackbook is a bare bones app for recording your movements. Trackbook is great for hiking, vacation or workout. Once started it traces your movements on a map. The map data is prov

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 Android Auto 13MVersion2.1.704903-release Android Auto

Android Auto brings familiar apps and services to the screen in your dash, making it safer and easier to get the information you need while you’re on the road. Test drive An

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 ExpressHelper 1.5MVersion2.5.1 ExpressHelper

A Chinese express information search app with Material Design, get the latest status quickly by AiChaKuaiDi API which supports most of Chinese express company.No Ads. No need any a

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深圳地铁官方APP ShenZhen Subway8.4MVersion2.0.8深圳地铁官方APP ShenZhen Subway

深圳地铁官方手机APP 深圳地铁集团有限公司官方手机APP — 从心出发、为爱到达精确时刻表: 精确提供每个站点早晚班一小时内上下行

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北京地铁 Beijing subway5.87 MBVersion7.0.1北京地铁 Beijing subway

Beijing subway-rGuide new debut ---- Veteran subway inquiry application, accumulated more than 10 million users travel options ---- rGuide Route Guide is an abbreviation meaning

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