HiAppHere Market41.32 KBVersion1.0.1HiAppHere Market

HiAppHere.com market,more paid application free download  New Here if you have any question ,please contact us :[email protected]  

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 QReader unknowVersion2.2.2 QReader

UseQReader scans any QR code and lets you interact with its content, by opening a link in your browser of choice, or importing a new contact into your phone.The intuitive and clean

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 X Locker-Applock&Privacy Guard 14MVersion2.1.0.5000 X Locker-Applock&Privacy Guard

X Locker is a professional and practical privacy protection software, providing app lock and app cloak for privacy, a smart lock screen, face recognition, fingerprint identificatio

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 Simply Learn Japanese 36MVersion3.0.0 Simply Learn Japanese

*** Learn japanese language when visiting Japan ***All japanese phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original japanese writing. They are recorded by a native

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开源中国社区 www.oschina.net 成立于2008年8月,其目的是为中国的IT技术人员提供一个全面的、快捷更新的用来检索开源软件以及交流使用开

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 QuickEdit Text Editor 1.6MVersion1.2.4 QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit is fast, stable and full featured text editor for Android. It is optimized for both phone and tablet! Features: * Enhanced notepad application with numerous improve

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 BeautyPlus - Magical Camera 25MVersion6.4.3 BeautyPlus - Magical Camera

❤ Over 10 million users worldwide! ❤ Top photo editing app in Japan,Thailand,Taiwan App Store! ** BeautyPlus is the ultimate self-portrait camera app that will automatically

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 Quick Command 2.4MVersion1.3.8 Quick Command

Quick Command provides quick solution to customer's wants. It can be activated in all situations. Directions 1. Touch the pre-set region of the screen and drag it. 2. Release it

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Overlays613.63 KBVersion3.0.2Overlays

Overlays allows you to float your home screen widgets ANYWHERE! • Show your favorite music widget on top of your navigation application! • Float a calculator while writing do

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51信用卡管家964.28 KBVersion9.3.351信用卡管家

★史上最NB的信用卡管理工具。★ 51信用卡管家——一键绑定邮箱功能,用户不用录入任何信息,便可享受完美的信用卡账务管理服务,

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 Unicorn Icon Pack unknowVersion1.11 Unicorn Icon Pack

A magical mix of purple, pink, and blue colors with a splash of teal over uniform designed iconography, hundreds of wallpapers included, with support for all popu

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【内容提要】为全国上百个城市,提供7x24小时服务!累计服务超过480万人次,92万+真实点评,用户满意度高达95%! 【应用介绍】跟团游

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喜马拉雅-万能电台,听书听课听音乐听新闻fm,支持批量下载5.13 MBVersion5.4.99.3喜马拉雅-万能电台,听书听课听音乐听新闻fm,支持批量下载

Himalayan re-invent the radio! You can, at any time, listen I want to hear You can also easily create radio stations, feel free to share a good voice Universal radio! China's la

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 Swift Black Layers Theme 2.6MVersion7.2 Swift Black Layers Theme Paid

Swift Black is a theme for ROM's with Layers support, with constant support and frequent updates. It takes what's best with the beautiful Android design and turns it black. If you

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趣皮士 -专属顾问,人工翻译,在线询问,旅途解决问题的好帮手11MVersion3.3.7趣皮士 -专属顾问,人工翻译,在线询问,旅途解决问题的好帮手

描述: 趣皮士汇聚了全球目的地海量的本地达人。致力于让旅行更地道、更有趣、更省心。需要帮助?当地人在线及时帮你解答。 人

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明道,一款简单易用的协作软件,支持80后、90后为主力的新一代企业高速发展。 明道可以为您实现: 查看所有同事的通讯录 

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PushBullet834.50 KBVersion17.7.4PushBullet

PushBullet makes it easy to instantly push files, links, notes, lists, reminders, addresses, and more to your and your friends Android phones and tablets, right into their notifica

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MyMoney(随手记)5.30 MBVersion10.3.2.0MyMoney(随手记)

史上最华丽精美的手机记账软件!记账就用随手记! 随手记有方便的记账功能,还有预算功能帮你控制不当开支。提供网站双向同步,网

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 Wallpaper Planner unknowVersion1.7 Wallpaper Planner

Wallpaper Planner allows you to plan your wallpaper changes! You can choose wallpapers, optionally modify them, and decide to apply them choosing the specific days of the week (all

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 Luna Diary unknowVersion1.2.0 Luna Diary

How to useâ–  Express the mood of the day as the moonâ–  As you use the diary, the number of flowers and stars grow.â–  The state of th

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