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小鱼天气,微软车库项目。小鱼天气立志做您最专业最贴心的中国天气顾问。 1. 整合中国国家气象局官方发布的权威数据,为您提供准

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 Sunshine 67MVersion0.6.3 Sunshine

Available in Canada only right now, coming soon to your country! Sunshine learns about you - like what’s cold or hot for you. It also learns every time you actively report

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 Barometer Reborn (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.1.2 Barometer Reborn (Unreleased)

Simple barometer and atmospheric pressure tracker. Features:- nice and modern material design - shows current atmospheric pressure according info provided by your phone sensors- su

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 Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) unknowVersion5.0.3 20170113 1900-release Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather)

Sometimes, when we look outside the window, the only thing we can honestly say is: Oh s**t!Well, let Fu*** Weather app do that for you. It will check the weather and show it in a v

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 My Earthquake Alerts 2.9MVersion1.6.1.3 My Earthquake Alerts

My Earthquake Alerts is a powerful earthquake information app which delivers all of the information you need, with push notifications included, all free of charge. It also includes

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AccuWeather Platinum7.68 MBVersion4.6.0-paidAccuWeather PlatinumPaid

AccuWeather for Operating system, your source for precise and local climate. AccuWeather Jewelry has all of the precise and circumstances details and entertaining functions you ne

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 ZuiMei Weather 5.7MVersion3.10.002.20161230 ZuiMei Weather

Enjoy life, from the beginning of ZuiMei Weather! [weather] the most beautiful 8000W user choice, is the meteorological expert by your side! "Authoritative data of Chinese weather

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Yahoo! Weather4.4 MBVersion1.6.4Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Endure begets entire temper to essence beside an second endure predict combined along charming pictures of your site that agree tide prerequisites. Directly, eventually incl

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 meteoblue unknowVersionCirrus uncinus 44 meteoblue

meteoblue shows high precision weather forecasts combined with a beautiful, simple and easy to use design. Weather forecasts can be requested for any place on Earth easily and comf

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 Weather 14 days Varies with devVersionA.5.0.2 Weather 14 days

Weather 14 days provides accurate and timely weather warnings and forecast for more than 20,000 locations in your country and 200,000 worldwide. It also provides information for sk

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 HTC Weather unknowVersion8.00.826398 HTC Weather

HTC Weather provides the current conditions in your location, as well as detailed information about cities around the world. Find out the temperature in Taipei, the humidity in Hal

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-实时空气质量 全国空气状况尽收眼底。随时查询190个城市近1000个空气质量监测站空气质量指数和污染物浓度 -谁在排放 快速了解身边

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 Weather Quick Settings Tile 874kVersion2.1.4 Weather Quick Settings Tile

This app let's you add a small Weather Tile to your Quick Settings Bar on Android Nougat!The text shows you the current temperature while a small icon displays one of 12 different

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 OshareWeather - For cute girls unknowVersion5.1.7 OshareWeather - For cute girls

  The much talked-about app with one million users in Japan!  Check out the weather and your outfit for today, b

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 My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar 12MVersion1.1.2.1 My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar

My Moon Phase is the best app for tracking the lunar calendar. It has a sleek dark design which makes it easy to view information such as the current moon cycle, moonrise & moo

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墨迹天气5.5 MBVersion6.0202.02墨迹天气

“墨跡天氣” 是壹款以預報準確,覆蓋城市廣,流量少,界面華麗等為特點的手機桌面天氣軟件。采用數據壓縮技術,每次更新只要不

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EZ Weather-Simple&Clean widget1.43 MBVersion3.3.8EZ Weather-Simple&Clean widget

EZ Weather has a simple,clean and beautiful interface. It's designed for easy using . You can get weather conditions quickly including daily and hourly forecasts . ■FEATURE

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 Amber Weather Lite 13MVersion3.5.9 Amber Weather Lite

Amber Weather Lite is your best personal weather channel providing current weather for today and daily & hourly weather forecasts based on your current location or any location

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小米司机|违章查询5.97 MBVersion6.6.2小米司机|违章查询


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 Aurora Alerts Northern Lights unknowVersion1.4.4.3 Aurora Alerts Northern Lights

My Aurora Forecast is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights. Built with a sleek dark design, it appeals to both tourists and serious aurora watchers by telling you what you w

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