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Hello,有故事的年轻人。 “那年”,是青春文艺中短篇故事的分享及创作平台。每一个青春文学爱好者都可以在这里创作/分享/交流,共

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 Loving - Couple Essential 8,7MVersion6.0.8 Loving - Couple Essential

Perfect relationship APP, lovers’ NO.1 Choice! A popular relationship app for worldwide couples Over 5 billion free texts messages Over 1 billion free photos storage Over 100

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 Mimi 4chan Reader 4.4MVersion5.2.2 Mimi 4chan Reader

Mimi Reader is back with a new look and a new version! The app has been written from the ground up to be more stable and useful. I can't even include the number of fixes and impr

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Path9.1 MBVersion5.9.4Path

Path is the personal social network where you can share life with close friends and family. By focusing on beautiful design and responsiveness, Path is 5-star rated and loved by mi

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 Maki for Facebook & Twitter unknowVersion1.2.3 Maki for Facebook & Twitter

You need light Facebook app (only 12 Mb) that works fast and stable with awesome functionality, including quick access to Facebook anywhere, colorful themes and power saving mode.

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 beeter, twitter client app unknowVersion0.83.2 beeter, twitter client app

Thank you for your interest in beeter :) Try using the beeter for twitter? It's that simple!The application is still for developing, there is a possibility that the defect occurs i

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 Finch for Twitter 7.2MVersion1.36 Finch for Twitter

Finch is a revolutionary Twitter app for Androidâ„¢ with a cutting edge material design, tons of features, and remarkable speed.KEY FEATURES:- Clean, informative tim

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 Blued - Gay Dating & Chat 21MVersion2.0.0 Blued - Gay Dating & Chat

You’re part of a community on Blued, the world’s largest social network for gay men. Used by 27.2 million gay guys around the globe â€&#

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→_ → 2015年超搞笑的神评论人气社区 最新独家经典神评论,每条都让你笑翻,停不下来。就算你笑点再高,也敌不过“最右”三招!

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 Friendly for Facebook unknowVersion1.2.20 Friendly for Facebook

Make Your Facebook Great AgainFriendly is the most complete Facebook and FB Messenger alternative. Built as an extension of the light Facebook mobile website, it will preserve your

Lists 3 - live video streaming unknowVersion4.1.4 - live video streaming is a new live video streaming platform created by You can start a to broadcast to your fans and friends, and have real-time interactions...You can:- Bro

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 vTime for Google Cardboard 70MVersion2.5.1 vTime for Google Cardboard

vTime is the world's first sociable network in virtual reality on mobile. Now available for Google Cardboard in early access for a limited number of devices. Our VR social network

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 Aloha - Meet Best Gay Friends 10MVersion3.3.5 Aloha - Meet Best Gay Friends

They were potentially your friends might introduce you to, but not yet. ================================== FEATURES â—† Find nice gay friends, anonymously like or pa

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 Flitto-Translate faster&better Varies with devVersion5.3.0 Flitto-Translate faster&better

Flitto is a global crowdsourcing translation platform with 3.7 million users worldwide. 1. Request for translation. - Request with a text, photo, or voice message. - Get a

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 Yahoo Answers Now unknowVersion1.3.3 Yahoo Answers Now

Yahoo Answers Now is a new Q&A app that gets you quick advice and honest answers to questions that a regular web search just can’t solve. Get real answers from

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情侣使用21天,恋爱记录免费印成书!恋爱记最新活动甜蜜来袭! 情侣双方只要连续登录21天,即可免费领取《恋爱笔记·初见版》或100元

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 AT 2.7MVersion1.0.2 AT

AT is an app for Sharing Economic:・Anonymous social, stranger come on your demand・Mobile sharing, nearest is the most reliable・Sn

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「分答」是什么? 分答 —— 值得付费的语音问答 「分答」是知识技能共享平台「在行」最新推出的付费语音问答服务。 「分答」上

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半次元APP,开启你的ACG同人圈!XD 旁友,你可曾恨官方无力只求同人福利! 旁友,你可曾因找不到同好独自心塞! 旁友,你可曾满腹

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脉脉-打通职场人脉 应用描述: 脉脉(maimai),一键挖掘真实可信人脉,认识好客户、好老板、合作伙伴、职场导师⋯⋯打通职场人脉!

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