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 SB Wallpaper Changer 2.0MVersion1.0.20 SB Wallpaper Changer

This app automatically changes the wallpapers. You can select triggers from time interval, locking / unlocking, rotation, double tapping and by widget. You can specify sets of ima

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 ELEV8 Icon Pack unknowVersion1.3 ELEV8 Icon Pack Paid

Highest quality design• Over 3,000 dual layer style icons and premium accents• Ultimate attention to detail• Premium color calibr

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 BELTZ Layers Theme 9.1MVersion11.6 BELTZ Layers Theme Paid

Flat black theme with over 60 apps fully black themed.Themes these days getting more and more difficult to install? With this theme all you have to do is apply all and full reboot!

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 Articon - Icon Pack 30MVersion3.3 Articon - Icon Pack Paid

Articon is an artistic, cartoony, rare and unique icon pack that promises to make your screen looks pretty, colorful and very appealing. There are many combinations to choose from.

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 Aeon - Icon Pack 27MVersion4.4.7 Aeon - Icon Pack Paid

AEON With the combination of the included icons and wallpapers, Aeon will give your device a unique futuristic UI. Each icon has been carefully crafted with with bright neon colors

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 Rovo Icon Pack 19MVersion4.4.7 Rovo Icon Pack Paid

Rovo is a modern circle icon pack that will give your icons that extra flair you've been searching for. Using unique color combinations and a minimal style, the icons have a clean,

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 Vibe - Icon Pack 14MVersion4.4.7 Vibe - Icon Pack Paid

 Features• 1,350+ uniquely designed icons  • 10 HD wallpapers with cloud based chooser • Weekly updates every Friday • Multiple launcher support (see below)

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 Faddy - Icon Pack 23MVersion7.0.0 Faddy - Icon Pack Paid

Quite simple and clean icon pack for many enthusiasts who like to play with their on-screen design. Incredible and different, they also behave as support icon pack for other icon p

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 Sorus - Icon Pack 22MVersion10.7.0 Sorus - Icon Pack Paid

★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousands of icons with regular weekly updates for very symbolic price!Sorus is icon pack driven

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 Praos - Icon Pack unknowVersion1.6.0 Praos - Icon Pack Paid

Square. Detailed. Material. Appealing!Praos is square icon pack, but some of the shapes going out of the borders, which makes it quite appealing. Amazing attention to details. Be r

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 ARK Icons [SALE] 23MVersion1.9 ARK Icons [SALE] Paid

As a mixture between iOS and Tizen's iconography, personal guidelines and uniformity, ARK was born to be one of the most unique icon packs out there, being consistent, minimalist,

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 Project X Icon Pack 65MVersion1.4 Project X Icon Pack Paid

The ultimate black icon pack. Premium style blacked-out icons with an all-new evolution of enhanced material design effects!Highest quality design possible• Expert

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 Durgon - Icon Pack 19MVersion12.3.0 Durgon - Icon Pack Paid

★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousands of icons with regular weekly updates for very symbolic price!ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO JO

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Ultra premium quality pixel design. Get the all-new circle icon style featuring the latest designs inspired from Pixel devices and new Android 7.1 updates.Pixel perfect design qual

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 Urmun - Icon Pack 35MVersion6.3.0 Urmun - Icon Pack Paid

Material. Creative. Particular. Stunning details on each and every icon will make your device very different. With fully followed material design guides, be ready to enjoy eye plea

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 Dives - Icon Pack 38MVersion6.6.0 Dives - Icon Pack Paid

Dives is circle material icon pack created based on material design guides. Very different, with nice palette of colors, spiced with shadows. Visual expression at maximum. Simple,

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 Tenex - Icon Pack 41MVersion7.7.0 Tenex - Icon Pack Paid

★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousands of icons with regular weekly updates for very symbolic price!Texture and retro, great c

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 Rifon - Icon Pack 13MVersion13.4.0 Rifon - Icon Pack Paid

★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousands of icons with regular weekly updates for very symbolic price! RIFON IS SIMPLE AND SQUARE ICON PACK. DESIGNED TO BE F

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An exclusive all-new black Pixel inspired icon style featuring latest blacked-out designs from new Android 7.1.Pixel perfect design quality• Expertly designed with

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 Almug - Icon Pack 52MVersion3.8.0 Almug - Icon Pack Paid

Vivid. Dark. Glow!Vivid icon pack, with amazing effects on dark inner glyphs and glow on icon borders. Quite appealing feel on your eyes. Ready to shine on your device. Welcome to

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