魔秀主题桌面----主题桌面开创者,用户心中“最潮”“ 最酷 ”“最时尚”的主题桌面; 【功能亮点】  1、海量精品主题免费下载

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iFont 爱字体2.19 MBVersion5.8.4iFont 爱字体

iFont is a new mobile phone font software, integration of dozens of beautiful fonts, easy to change the font, you have a happy mood every day, love life, love fonts. Main function

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 HD  Backgrounds ( Wallpapers) unknowVersion1.2.8 HD Backgrounds ( Wallpapers)

HD Wallpapers (Wallpapers) is a free 2K, 4K wallpaper and background software for your Android device.At here you will not see low-quality low-resolution wallpaper or image, becaus

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安卓动态壁纸 Android Wallpapers3.07 MBVersion3.7安卓动态壁纸 Android Wallpapers

One day, touch screen, beautiful picture unfolding before our eyes. Someday, Colorful, indulge picking my flower. Someday, Smart Desktop, no longer live up to the energy of the r

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 VLocker  Colorful Safe  iPhone 1.4MVersion3.8.3 VLocker Colorful Safe iPhone

★The smallest screen locker app, only 1M, smaller than smaller ★Quite popular among users of launcher apps [Unique points] ▲The smallest – only 1 MB, less storage space

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铃声免费下载,特效铃声制作,支持三网彩铃(联通、电信、移动)功能。快来,小伙伴们都喜欢的铃声应用第一品牌。 新增七夕“向

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GT Launcher Prime3.16 MBVersion2.7.3.3GT Launcher Prime

GT Launcher Prime has a fully customized style and many advanced features, such as Free Unread Mail Count, 9 complex Gestures, Unlimited Custom Groups in drawer, Customized widgets

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 MyerSplash 3.7MVersion2.5.2 MyerSplash

One of the good-looking wallpaper app on Android.Fan of Unsplash? MyerSplash provides an easy and comfortable way to browse the amazing photos from Unsplash and you can feel free t

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 OriginalWish Icon Pack unknowVersion3.0.0.634 OriginalWish Icon Pack Paid

Hello, guys! Here is an icon pack from China! It called OriginalWish. Well, there are a few icons, but they were made with my love.It's a material design icon pack. What's more, th

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 Dress - Icon Pack unknowVersion2.0.0 Dress - Icon Pack

Dress Icon Pack changes the look of your device.FEATURES :- HQ Wallpaper (Cloud Storage)- Icon Pack XXXHDPI- App Drawers- Dynamic Calendar- Easy to apply- Notification update- Laun

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 Mysplash 3.7MVersion3.1.6 Mysplash

* A light Unsplash android client.* Powered by Unsplash.com* 100000+ photos.* Material design.* Support select photos as tags.* Support share photos and set as wallpaper.* Support

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 Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented 879kVersion5.95 Tapet - Wallpapers Reinvented

Note: This is still a beta version. It might not be fully compatible with old devices or tablets. Tapet (An old word for "Wallpaper") is a first of its kind app that automatically

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 Wecut 20MVersion6.3.1.1 Wecut

WECUT颠覆你的图片玩法! 当脸不怎么萌了,美图也不怎么爱秀了 图片还能怎么玩呢,wecut 剪剪切切又是一张好图!(剪报式抠图) 编

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 Drwrcon - App Drawer Icon Pack unknowVersion2.1 Drwrcon - App Drawer Icon Pack

Drwrcon is not your average icon pack. It\'s one of a kind. It revolves around the idea to customise app drawer.We are pretty sure Drwrcon will take your homescreen customisation t

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 Blurone 1.7MVersion3.1 Blurone

Using Blurone to conceive wallpapers or ritual portraits along spot cause. • Start a wallpaper • Beget a habit effigy • Sudden allowance among your playmates • Diagram

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 Palette 30' - HD Wallpapers unknowVersion2.0 Palette 30' - HD Wallpapers

Our application provides you with Creative and artistic wallpapers for your mobile phone, these artworks are sorted by colors, in other words, you can choose a palette of colors th

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QQ说说管家是一款强大的QQ空间动态辅助软件,可随意DIY你的手机型号,让说说发布自任何你想要的手机, 什么iphone 6 ,MI 4W等等统统弱

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 APUS Launcher-Fast & Smooth 1.3MVersion3.3.6 APUS Launcher-Fast & Smooth

About APUS group Apus, the fastest aves in the world, with a speed of 353 KM per hour. Apus spend all their life in flight. They never rest, even sleeping. Study says apus spend

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Androidesk(安卓壁纸)1.26 MBVersion5.7.7Androidesk(安卓壁纸)

Androidesk,the NO.1 changeable phone beautification app in Tableware,has 20 million users. Androidesk gives colossal, footloose, spectacular,HD wallpapers besides selected livewal

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