English<>Spanish MedicalunknowVersion4.3.136 [Unlocked]English<>Spanish Medical

Break the language barrier between healthcare professionals and Spanish-speaking patients. This pocket-sized book contains virtually all health-related terms likely to occur in a c

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FP NotebookunknowVersion2.1.0.372 [Subscribed]FP Notebook

Family Practice notebook app is a rapid access, point-of-care medical reference for primary care and emergency clinicians. Started in 1995, this collection now contains over 6300 i

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Acupuncture AssistantunknowVersion4.4.3 (Paid)Acupuncture AssistantPaid

Cheaper than any book and a lot more practical, the Acupuncture Assistant helps students and Acupuncture professionals to have a quick and practical access to Traditional Chinese M

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Micromedex Drug InteractunknowVersion2.7.0 b482 [Subscribed]Micromedex Drug Interact

Buy Micromedex® Drug Interactions for only $9.99 per year. You will be prompted to purchase the app after your initial download. If your institution already subscribes to Micromed

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Free Micromedex Drug ReferenceunknowVersion1.16 b775 [Subscribed]Free Micromedex Drug Reference

Free Micromedex® Drug Reference is included free of charge to those who have an online subscription to Micromedex 2.0 products. *If you do not have an online subscription to Mic

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Manage My Pain ProunknowVersion2.692Manage My Pain ProPaid

Track, analyze, and share your pain.Manage My Pain helps you and others better understand what you are going through. It has helped thousands of people with conditions like fibrom

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Common Symptom GuideunknowVersion9.1.284 [Premium + Mod]Common Symptom Guide

The is the most trusted and easy-to-use reference for quickly and accurately evaluating and treating patients based on presenting symptoms.The Guide includes lists of pertinent qu

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Drug Reference Health ProfessionalunknowVersion8.0.274 [Premium + Mod]Drug Reference Health Professional

From Abilify to Zyrtec and nearly every drug in between, Mosby's Drug Reference for Health Professions, 3rd Edition is the must-have item for every current or aspiring health profe

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Blood Pressure DiaryunknowVersion3.1.1Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary is a personal tool for tracking and analyzing blood pressure measurements. It helps people suffering from various diseases of the blood circulatory system, e.g

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Basic Survival MedicineunknowVersion2.1 [Ad-Free]Basic Survival Medicine

Basic Survival Medicine is an app from the series of "Survival Kit" apps. It contains information about basic medicine and first aid that can be used during survival situationOne m

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Baby Care PlusunknowVersion3.11Baby Care PlusPaid

Track baby feeds, baby sleeps, baby poos(pees), baby growth and more, support multiple reminder to help parents/caregivers remember to take care of the baby when busy.Also can use

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Contraction unknowVersion1.0Contraction

Congratulations! If you are going to download this application, it’s means that soon you’ll become mom!When time of childbirth comes, future mother sometimes doesn’t know how

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Family Medicine Study GuideunknowVersion1.5.2Family Medicine Study GuidePaid

IMPORTANT UPDATE:We are pleased to announce that the Family Medicine Study Guide is currently participating in a national educational research trial that includes twelve of Canada

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Vitamins and MineralsunknowVersion2.0.3Vitamins and MineralsPaid

Summer discount 50% off!!!Nutrients, Supplements & Vitamins are essential nutrients because they perform hundreds of roles in the body.This is dictionary contain advice and informa

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Pregnancy ++unknowVersion4.5.1Pregnancy ++Paid

Pregnant? Get the worldwide No.1 Pregnancy App.Want to see beautiful, interactive images for every week of pregnancy? Join more than 15 million users who already use this Pregnancy

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Teach Me AnatomyunknowVersion5.9 [Pro]Teach Me Anatomy

Teach Me Anatomy is a comprehensive, easy to read anatomy reference. Each topic combines anatomical knowledge with high-yield clinical pearls, seamlessly bridging the gap between s

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E Numbers Halal and HaramunknowVersion1.0 [Paid]E Numbers Halal and HaramPaid

Among health fanatics, E numbers have gained a reputation for being worse than Frankenstein’s monster. Critics claim they trigger everything from hyperactivity and mood disorders

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Human Organs Anatomy Reference GuideunknowVersion1.0.2 [Pro]Human Organs Anatomy Reference Guide

This free application provides an in-depth reference guide of the Human Organs Anatomy featuring high quality detailed content and images in a well presented and easy to navigate w

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Super Infusion CalculatorunknowVersion1.1.5 [Pro]Super Infusion Calculator

Feature:1. Dose/rate calculator: get the infusion rate from body weight, desired dose, drug amount and total volume. Built-in commonly used drug information. Custom drugs, backup/

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myPill® Birth Control ReminderunknowVersion3.2.0 [Premium]myPill® Birth Control Reminder

It makes sure you'll NEVER forget the pill ever again. myPill® makes you truly free of worries. You'll love it. Also supports the ring and patch contraceptive.❀ LADY PILL REMIND

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