SimSimi2643 kbVersion6.7.6.7SimSimiPaid

**************************************** You can turn on/off Bad expression filter in Setting tap *************************

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BMX Boy6907 kbVersion1.9BMX BoyPaid

Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game "BMX boy" is so easy but super f

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 NanoIconPack Sample unknowVersion2.1.0.7 NanoIconPack Sample

这是 NanoIconPack 项目的 Sample APP,供开å

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Box5971 kbVersion4.4.1.704BoxPaid

Box provides simple, secure sharing from anywhere – letting you easily store files online, send big files quickly, acces

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7Zipper2335 kbVersion3.27ZipperPaid

7Zipper help you to browse SDCard,copy,move,delete,rename,zip,unzip,7zip, check usage,backup and launch app Features: - Mult

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 Iconics Library 2.2MVersion2.8.3 Iconics Library

If you are an app developer you will know the problem. You start an app but require many different icons, in different sizes (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi), different c

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Coin Dozer10166 kbVersion16.9Coin DozerPaid

With over 20,000,000 downloads worldwide, the REAL coin dozer is finally here! COIN DOZER comes straight from your favorite a

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 Copy And Translate unknowVersion1.7.0 Copy And Translate

CopyAndTranslate automatically pop-up ColorDict/MDict/BlueDict floating window as well as Google Translate to show the word that is copied into the Android clipboard.Users are also

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 Test DPC unknowVersion3.0.11 Test DPC

Please note that this app is for development purposes only. It is NOT intended for production usages. The app should never be used with real data.Test DPC is a sample device policy

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Dropsync412 kbVersion2.8.7DropsyncPaid

Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client for Dropbox. Keep your phone/tablet and your Dropbox in sync at al

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 Bubble Picker unknowVersion0.1.1 Bubble Picker

Check this project on dribbble https://dribbble.com/shots/3349372-Bubble-Picker-Open-Source-ComponentRead how we did it on Medium https:[email protected]/how-to-create-a-bubb

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 All My... (Xposed Tweaks) 1.7MVersion0.6.1 All My... (Xposed Tweaks)

ROOT & Xposed framework required!List of tweaks:• Disable Su Indicator - Disable # (pound/hash) indicator in status bar• Always Software Menu

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 IconShowcase Dashboard Sample unknowVersion1.9.7.3 IconShowcase Dashboard Sample

IconShowcase is a Material Design based dashboard, made specially for icon packs.It provides a lot of features and customization for icon pack designers.The dashboard is open sourc

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 Ultimate Template for Android unknowVersion1.1 Ultimate Template for Android

Android Ultimate has over 25+ Modules embedded in a single template. These modules are categorized into three sections like1. Material Highlights2. Android Patterns 3. Bonus. All t

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Baseball Superstars® 201235767 kbVersion1.1.7Baseball Superstars® 2012Paid

Baseball Superstars® 2012, Ultimate Smart Baseball Experience Step up to the plate for the best baseball experience on

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 AZ Plugin 2 (newest) 29MVersion4.1.4 AZ Plugin 2 (newest)

AZ Plugin 2 is used for video editing in AZ Screen Recorder. With this plugin installed, AZ Screen Recorder can provide the best quality of video editor, including:- Trim/cut video

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SoulCraft88549 kbVersion2.9.3SoulCraftPaid

Unzip the gamedate on your phone''s sdcard. Only for Android 3.0 and higher users. *** CURRENTLY IN OPEN BETA *** - optimi

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 PDF Plugin - Moon+ Reader 5.2MVersion170101 PDF Plugin - Moon+ Reader

********************You needn't install this plugin if you use armeabi-v7a CPU devices (include most of Samsung Galaxy and HTC/Moto/Sony Android phones/tablets), this is for armeab

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 TP-LINK Tether 3.4MVersion2.9.3 TP-LINK Tether

TP-LINK Tether provides the easiest way to access and manage your router/ xDSL Router/ range extender with your android devices. From quick setup to parental controls, Tether provi

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 TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher Varies with devVersion5.0.7 TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher

TeslaUnread provides unread count badges for Nova Launcher Prime and WidgetLocker. It will not work with other desktops or lockscreens.Unread counts are natively supported for the

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