Twilight1.03 MBVersion8.2 build 271 [Pro]Twilight

Are you having troubles to fall asleep? Are your kids hyperactive when playing with the tablet before bed time? Are you using your smart phone or tablet in the late evening? Twili

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IDareTo - Comfort Zone CrusherunknowVersion1.0.5IDareTo - Comfort Zone Crusher

You are not alone. Many people let social anxiety stop them from living to their fullest potential.You can change this. By strategically exposing yourself to situations that trigge

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Samsung Health42MVersion5.16.0.043Samsung Health

S Health is an all-in-one companion for your healthy lifestyle. With the new S Health, you can track your everyday activities, get coaching to reach your daily goals, and improve y

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Marathon Trainer - 26.2 42KunknowVersion79.0 [Paid]Marathon Trainer - 26.2 42KPaid

From the same makers of the #1 C25K Trainer app, Marathon Trainer follows the same successful recipe to create an easy simple 26.2 (42k) program, best suited for first-time marath

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C25K® - 5K Running Trainer ProunknowVersion96.0 [Paid]C25K® - 5K Running Trainer ProPaid

★ The OFFICIAL C25K® (Couch to 5K) program ★- Millions of success stories!- Featured on The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The

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Zen - Relax and MeditationsunknowVersion3.0.4 [Subscribed]Zen - Relax and Meditations

If you want to live a happier, healthier and more balanced emotional life, Zen is the perfect app for you. On Google's list of 'Best apps of 2016', Zen offers a diverse and ever-gr

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 Instant Heart Rate - Pro 4.3MVersion5.36.3575 [Unlocked] Instant Heart Rate - Pro Paid

I was skeptical- being a nurse I thought yah right! So I tried it at work with a monitor. It worked! Very very happy! Place the tip of your index finger on phone’s camera and in

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 Sleep Sounds 24MVersion3.1.10 [Unlocked] Sleep Sounds

Insomnia? Trouble to fall asleep? Snoring partner?No problem!Play our carefully selected soothing sounds and you will sleep like a baby. Enjoy the high quality sleep sounds and wak

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Workout timer : Crossfit WODs & TABATAunknowVersion2.6.0 [Ad Free]Workout timer : Crossfit WODs & TABATA

This app is the perfect . It offers a clear visibility on the clock from far away as well as a simple and beautiful design. It is particularly oriented towards crossfit and its typ

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Advanced Sport Training CalendarunknowVersion1.4.1 [Paid]Advanced Sport Training CalendarPaid

A simple sport training log allows you to add your exercises:     - with weighting     - for a while     - at a distanceSuitable for lifters, bo

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 Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds Varies with devVersion7.0 build 254 [Premium] Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Sleep problems? Insomnia? Personalized white noise, sleep sounds and meditation can help you fall asleep!Take back control of your sleep with Relax Melodies, the most popular sleep

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Treadmill WorkoutunknowVersion2.5.0 [Premium]Treadmill Workout

"Treadmill workout" will help you to exercise less and get more benefits!The basic idea of trreadmill interval workout(HIIT) is simple: the alternation of high and low intensity.Th

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Noisea-Focus & Relax in natureunknowVersion1.0.4 [Unlocked]Noisea-Focus & Relax in nature

Introducing new sounds in the form of musical instruments. This is one of the more calming and relaxing features that can be used. There are sounds of meditation and music are very

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 Runtastic Pull-Ups PRO 9.2MVersion1.11 [Paid] Runtastic Pull-Ups PRO Paid

Do you want a stronger back, pecs, and upper arms? Now you can improve your strength and reach new fitness goals with the Runtastic PullUps PRO App!The Runtastic PullUps PRO App is

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P4P 7 Minute Workout PROunknowVersion1.5.0 [Paid]P4P 7 Minute Workout PROPaid

Have you ever thought it possible to work out your entire body in just 7 minutes, burn maximum calories and achieve your desired results? The science behind 7 Minutes not only says

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Health Pal Fitness - Weight loss coach & PedometerunknowVersion4.2.39 [Premium]Health Pal Fitness - Weight loss coach & Pedometer

Health Pal helps you to keep up your body healthy and Fit. It Records and manager your daily activities like Walking, Exercises, Calories, Water consumption to attain and lead a he

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7 Minute Workout: Muscle Building & Fat LossunknowVersion1.2 [Premium]7 Minute Workout: Muscle Building & Fat Loss

Achieve your fat loss, strength or muscle building goals from the comfort of your own home with our scientifically proven 7 minute home workout routine for men and women! Sometimes

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 Runtastic Push-Ups PRO 9.2MVersion1.11 build 201803064 [Paid] Runtastic Push-Ups PRO Paid

Your personal push-up trainer that helps you reach your exercise and strength training goals with an efficient, easy-to-follow plan.Think it can’t be that easy? Le

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 Runtastic Sit-Ups PRO 9.1MVersion1.11 build 201803064 [Paid] Runtastic Sit-Ups PRO Paid

Flatten your stomach, build muscle, and get those abs to start showing with the Runtastic SitUps PRO App!With the Runtastic SitUps PRO App, you can now achieve your core strength a

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 Runtastic Squats PRO 9.1MVersion1.11 build 201803064 [Paid] Runtastic Squats PRO Paid

Do you want to shape and strengthen your legs and glutes? With the Runtastic Squats PRO App as your personal trainer, you can now improve your leg strength and reach new fitness go

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