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 Pixel Survival Game 2 unknowVersion1.43 Pixel Survival Game 2

Pixel Survival Game 2 is the sequel to the popular survival game Pixel Survival Game.Many years has past since the Heroes of Pixel Survival were saved from the many lonely nights.

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モンスターハンター エクスプロア40MVersion05.03.03モンスターハンター エクスプロア

【動作環境】 Android4.2以降 RAMが2GB以上(IntelCPUは非対応) ※一部機種に関しては条件を満たしていても動作しない可能性があります

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Airport City19037 kbVersion5.1.23Airport CityPaid

Build your very own personal airport and send hundreds of flights into the sky! Airport City is taking off in two exciting mo

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 GameStart 2015 48MVersion1.0.8 GameStart 2015

A mysterious figure has been sabotaging games, taking the fun out of them and making them almost impossible to play. GameStart's resident gamer girl, Alyse, dives in to fix things

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Larva Heroes: Lavengers 201477MVersion1.6.7Larva Heroes: Lavengers 2014

★If the game is not running, Please play again after the update installation★ This game's story is defending enemy coming from black gate. Red and yellow larva this game's ma

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Legendary Heroes658.48 KBVersion2.3.63Legendary Heroes

Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become Legends. The greatest battle of all time has begun.  Heroes from all universes are invited to show their power and prove whi

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 Disco Dave 27MVersion1.4.1 Disco Dave

Say hello to neon lights and funky moves! The disco fever begins with Disco Dave on the ever changing dance floor!“Disco Dave looks like an appealing time-waster f

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 Bike Rider 3rd Race 46MVersion3.8.6 Bike Rider 3rd Race

Japan's crazy platform action with beatbox music! Simple but addictive like no other game, BIKE RIDER 3rd Race instantly jumped to No. 1 in the Japanese App rankings after it's rel

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 Big Hunter 46MVersion2.4.0 Big Hunter

An intense hunting game of starving tribal people!Hunt the gigantic mammoths!Long time ago, a bushman tribe lived in an outback town. People were starving to death because of conti

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elite army killer You are the elite, a "one man army killer" who battles for the country.Aim and shoot in this realistic 3D FPS game from Top Action Games on Google Play! You are a

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 Block Bros 20MVersion1.4 Block Bros

Looking for Mario Maker on Android? Challenging online action game with features more of everything you love! Jump, climb, kick and dash through the ever-expanding selection of lev

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 Cluckles' Adventure unknowVersion2.0.0.8 Cluckles' Adventure

The chicks have been captured by the evil minions! Help Cluckles in her adventure to rescue them all!Cluckles may be small, but she is a feisty and brave little chicken, she won't

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SHADOWGUN: DeadZone11.30 MBVersion2.7.2SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

Help us to make Shadowgun: DeadZone better! At the moment, the Beta Version is available only for those with Tegra 3 devices. Please understand that as this is a Beta Version, th

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 Gunman Taco Truck unknowVersion1.1.5 Gunman Taco Truck

Gunman Taco Truck is an action-packed drive across the post-apocalypse United States to reach the save haven of Winnipeg, Canada, where there are no taco trucks and your family

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 Super Pixel Heroes unknowVersion1.0.35 Super Pixel Heroes

Fight as King Kong, epic legends Atom, Zeus from Real Steel and The Jungle Book heroes in this endless pixel smashing adventure. Avoid countless obstacles, discover unique hero abi

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 Mitosis: The Game 26MVersion7.8.0 Mitosis: The Game

Eat cells or die trying!Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game !☆☆☆☆☆ Really funâ&

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 Super Dangerous Dungeons 25MVersion1.2.2 Super Dangerous Dungeons

Pocket Gamer Silver Award"A super sharp-edged, but super enjoyable retro platforming challenge "– Pocket Gamer, 8/10"Super Dangerous Dungeons is just a good, solid

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 Tiny Dangerous Dungeons 10MVersion1.2.2 Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

“I really have to recommend Tiny Dangerous Dungeons to anyone who enjoys platformers or Metroidvanias.” – TouchArcade, 4.5/5 startsPocket Gamer Silver Award "A

Lists 3 14MVersion1.5.3

Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigg

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 Faily Rider 40MVersion1.14 Faily Rider

Poor Phil Faily has had a lot of bad luck with cars... now he has a Motorbike!While doing some sightseeing on a motorbike in the Nevada desert, Phil is forced off the road, plungi

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