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HiAppHere Market 41.32 KB Version 1.0.1 HiAppHere Market market,more paid application free download  New Here if you have any question ,please contact us :[email protected]  

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Glaze Icon Pack unknow Version 1.4.0 [Patched] Glaze Icon Pack

You require custom launcher like Nova Launcher or Hyperion Launcher for the icon pack to work.Glaze icons come with a subtle 'Glaze' effect to give you a unique look like you have

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[Substratum] Linear unknow Version 5.7.1 Unreleased [Patched] [Substratum] Linear

is an power pack Substratum that theme Supports various device and operating system like custom Oreo 8.X.X, Samsung Oreo and Oxygen OS Oreo. You should be running a supported OMS

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nineteen [substratum] unknow Version onehundredthirtythree [Patched] nineteen [substratum] Paid

READ FIRST! • Theme works ONLY with custom 7.1.x/ 8.0 ROMs with OMS support on any device and 8.0 stock ROMs on Nexus/Pixel devices. • Theme doesn't work well on Lineag

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[Substratum] Mono/Art 8.2M Version 27.7 [Patched] [Substratum] Mono/Art Paid

PLEASE READ FIRST!!!This theme will work only on Marshmallow stock rom for Nexus devices or AOSP roms which support layers e.g. Krexus, Pure Nexus... It won't work on roms with CMT

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edge [substratum] unknow Version 6.7 [Patched] edge [substratum] Paid

• Theme works best with custom 7.1.x/ 8.x ROMs with OMS support • Theme also works with Google stock 7.1.x/8.x ROMs (note that stock ROMs have some theming limitation)• Oxyge

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 Flux - Substratum Theme Varies with dev Version 4.6.5 [Patched] Flux - Substratum Theme Paid

Flux theme for Substratum is designed with pixel perfect precision to give your phone a completely new modern look and feel! With high quality vector graphics and full of features,

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 Flux White - Substratum Theme unknow Version 3.4.6 [Patched] Flux White - Substratum Theme Paid

Flux White theme for Substratum theme engine, is designed with pixel perfect graphics and material ui color palette, to give your phone a new vibrant and light look!ðŸ

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guilt_ icons unknow Version 2 guilt_ icons

This is my theme link repository as well as a separated Icon pack for 3rd party launchers, This is a support dev only app, may or may not be regularly updated, my priority is still

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Radioverse - Internet Radio unknow Version 1.3 [Pro] Radioverse - Internet Radio

Radioverse lets you listen to a wide variety of internet radio stations from across the world for free. The app has a huge directory of AM/FM stations, Icecast stations and SHOUTca

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 Adguard 4,2M Version 3.0.297 [Final] [Premium] Adguard

Adguard is a remarkable web filter that protects you from annoying advertising, malicious and phishing websites, online tracking and much more.Adguard really handles all types of i

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SCHILDS Icon Pack unknow Version 4.0 [Paid] SCHILDS Icon Pack

This is an icon pack and it requires a custom android launcher like apex, nova etc. to work. It won't work with Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher or any launcher that came factor

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BLUPUR Icon Pack unknow Version 4.0 [Paid] BLUPUR Icon Pack

This is an icon pack and it requires a custom android launcher like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, etc. to work. Compatible stock launchers: LG Home (Marshmallow and earlier), Sony

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Appstract Icon Pack unknow Version 3.3.1 [Patched] Appstract Icon Pack

Welcome to Appstract!Unlike conventional icon packs, each icon is a radical abstraction of the original icon*Works with most major launchers*Includes several minimalist backgrounds

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MIXED - ICON PACK unknow Version 5.3 [Paid] MIXED - ICON PACK

INFORMATION:* 3290 Icons Resolution 2K SuperHD+(300 X 300)Pixel!* 3200+ Supported Applications!* 30 HD Wallpapers with Resolution 2K (2000x2000)Pixel!* Each icon has been designed

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Borealis - Icon Pack unknow Version 1.36.2 [Patched] Borealis - Icon Pack

• 5k+ XXXHDPI, clean, high quality icons.• Carefully designed in vector.• Fresh, cohesive look, with respect for the original brands.• Multiple alternative icons to choose

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Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung unknow Version 25.4 [Patched] Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung

Supported apps list: Theme requires the paid Samsung add-on for Substratum. Make sure your system supports the use of a Substratum theme. Download the Sub

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 A Swift Dark Substratum Theme Varies with dev Version 25.4 [Patched] A Swift Dark Substratum Theme Paid

This theme fully supports Android 7.1.1 & it works without TBO Theme ready gapps! Please read the FAQ before installing. Swift Dark Substratum is a theme for the Substratum Th

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 Swift Black Layers Theme 2.6M Version 25.4 [Patched] Swift Black Layers Theme Paid

Swift Black is a theme for ROM's with Layers support, with constant support and frequent updates. It takes what's best with the beautiful Android design and turns it black. If you

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Swift Installer - Themes & color engine unknow Version 9.25 [Patched] Swift Installer - Themes & color engine

Swift Installer packages what's best with the Swift Substratum themes, and comes with its own installer and color engine! You can now install Swift Themes and tweak everything abou

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