IFTTT 113.93 KBVersion3.1.10 IFTTT

Put the internet to work for you. IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. Activate your Channels and create Recipes on

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 iHeartRadio Varies with devVersion7.4.0 iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio offers free music in an all-in-one, free internet radio service that lets you stream your favorite live radio stations. With the Android radio app, you can also create

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Mobile Security & Antivirus2.36 MBVersion3.2.88.129Mobile Security & Antivirus

Features at a glance:  Malware Scanner - independently tested to detect 99.8% of the bad stuff  Application Audit- alerts you of any app that tries to automatically downloa

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Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO2.88 MBVersion17.3.0Endomondo Sports Tracker PROPaid

• Appearance enhanced on workout and map screens • Route concept improved for featured routes • Sport selection now also shows current sport and most used sports Track

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 Recording Master 8.2MVersion2.1.8.9 Recording Master

Recording Master will work smoothly without root on Android 5.0 Lollipop and for Android 4.4 Kit Kat, it requires ROOT access .The app contains no watermark, it is ad free and very

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扇贝单词3.75 MBVersion7.7.500扇贝单词

扇贝单词是词汇学习平台扇贝网(shanbay.com)的移动客户端。扇贝单词具有如下特点: 1. 先进的自适应学习算法,系统能够根据使用者的

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 X Project Dreamer unknowVersion1.0 X Project Dreamer

Welcome to my X project themes. The successful material premium and material x series got me up to here . Thanks to all for support and giving me good feedback and also helping me

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 AppSend unknowVersion2.9 AppSend

Share installed applications on your smartphone with your friends!Now you can send any program or game to your friends via Bluetooth, mail or other services you like!You can also s

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 Music Player - MP3 Player unknowVersion1.1 Music Player - MP3 Player

Music Player is a stunning and beautiful designed MP3 Player and fully packed with extraordinary features. This music player is loaded with 5 band equalizer and powerful bass ampli

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 Yandex Browser Alpha unknowVersion17.3.1.274 Yandex Browser Alpha

This experimental version of Yandex Browser is currently available only for smartphone users eager to try and test the latest innovations in mobile internet design and user experie

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 fooView - Float Viewer 4.9MVersion0.8.4.5 fooView - Float Viewer

How many touches/clicks you have made on your phone every day? How much time you have spent on switching apps? How many useless operations, which should be saved, cost your PRECIOU

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TSF Shell Pro4.17 MBVersion3.8.6TSF Shell ProPaid

In case you've forgotten, TSF is a revolutionary new launcher that allows icons to be resized and rotated, folders to be lassoed, a custom-order quick launch bar for whatever you w

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 Prisma 7.0MVersion2.4.3.151 Prisma

Be an artist! Turn your photos into awesome artworks:- Modern art filters!- Stunning photo effects- Fast sharingPrisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famo

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 Mandarin Chinese learning 18MVersion8.0.4 Mandarin Chinese learning

The most popular Putonghua Learning software in China.More than five hundred thousand Chinese people use . What are you waiting for?Features•[Pinyin Learning] cove

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设计师推荐的壁纸集锦,涵盖多种视觉风格;  轻盈的动画效果和手势操作,流畅且不失优雅;  手指一划的特效预览功能,方

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豆瓣,你懂撒。社区no1 1.所在城市正在上映、即将上映影片查询 2.附近影院及其影片场次、路线、优惠信息查询 3.影视资料查询,包含

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 Self Camera Shot 2.4MVersion3.0.113 Self Camera Shot

This app allows you to take pictures remotely using whistles and hand clapping, without touching your phone.A simple and faster way to capture selfies from a distance of 1 to 15

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 Internet Radio - Radify 📻🎶 unknowVersion1.17 Internet Radio - Radify 📻🎶

Radify is the best way to discover, play and share thousands of radio stations, wherever you go completely free.With Radify, you can:- Enjoy endless radio stations based on locatio

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语记是讯飞语音+的全新升级版。 语音功能全面升级,界面更简洁精美,可在任何手机上安装使用。 语记让记录从此变得和张口说话一

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