Number Monster-math train unknowVersion1.0.5 Number Monster-math train

"Number Monster" is a logic, math game that can help you train your brain. It is like a test with four answers, you need to choose the right one to get a point. You have to solve t

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 Flood Monster-Color Puzzle Game-Monument Valley unknowVersion1.2.0 Flood Monster-Color Puzzle Game-Monument Valley

Flood Monster is a simple yet addictive strategy puzzle quest. In this game, you need to fill the whole game board with a single color in less than the allowed steps. The available

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 Human Resource Machine unknowVersion1.0.2 Human Resource Machine Paid

Program little office workers to solve puzzles. Be a good employee! The machines are coming... for your job.Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game for nerds. In each level, your b

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 MicroCube unknowVersion1.0.0 MicroCube

Prepare for a challenging adventure. Tap to bounce forward and avoid spikes and enemies. Collect awesome power-ups to help your journey. Micro Cube is an addictive endless game tha

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 High Dive unknowVersion1.0.0 High Dive

Walter, the main character of our game, really likes to dive. Birds like to fly. Sounds like trouble. Help Walter on his journey to the top of the world in this action arcade sport

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 Artbreak unknowVersion1.1.0 Artbreak

Although this is a kind of tile-matching game, game designer has different ideas.The players will be more focus on ‘play’ without pay attention to

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 Yops unknowVersion1.0.5 Yops

Yops is a fun and addicting puzzler. There’s no randomness in this game: it all depends completely on you.Game Rules:1. Tap the dot.2. This will remove all the nei

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 Teeter unknowVersion1.0.0 Teeter

A ball, a platform, and a hole. Mundane as individual forms, yet in concert together: magical. Teeter is a beautiful combination of impeccable design and innovative game mechanics

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 Inner Circle unknowVersion1.0.1 Inner Circle

Inner circle is a game which can test your ability of respond. Try to make the inner circle bigger and bigger, increasing your sense of accomplishment.250 levels included in Inner

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 New Brick Breaker- Free unknowVersion1.0.0 New Brick Breaker- Free

This is the most addictive arkanoid game in 2017! You can master the game in a very short time because of the easy way to play. Just swipe your finger down to launch the balls to b

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 Tiny Chick unknowVersion1.0.8 Tiny Chick

Tiny Chick is inspired by the conception of“easy-to-play, hard-to-master”, it is not only a simple casual game you can play all the time, but also

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 Walls and Balls unknowVersion1.0.0 Walls and Balls

A mini-golf-pinball-pong hybrid with a Swiss design aesthetic? Amazing! Study and master the laws of physics in this fast paced ball bouncing puzzle game. Draw walls to guide a fas

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 Pond 6.1MVersion1.3.1 Pond

Taste the truly Chinese painting visual style! Training your brain anytime! Take the most smooth experience for you.Hundreds of amazing creative challenge stage ! Come on! Burning

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4个主题,65个关卡,奇趣刺激的冒险之旅等待您的启程! 14个炮塔陆续登场,等候您的召唤! 195个特殊任务,全新的紫水晶任务奖杯,

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 Monument Valley 123MVersion2.2.42 Monument Valley Paid

In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fan

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Where's My Water?30.49 MBVersion1.19.0Where's My Water?Paid

WHERE'S MY WATER IS THE HIT DISNEY APP! NOW WITH OVER 160 LEVELS! SWAMPY’S STORY Swampy the Alligator lives in the sewers under the city. He is a little different from the othe

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Toy Story: Smash It!37.38 MBVersion1.2.2Toy Story: Smash It!Paid

The Miniatures are abaft! Bind Whisper, Woody, furthermore the intermission of the Disney Pixar “Toy Fable” horde on their latest danger! “Toy Chronicle: Break it!” is an

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Finger Balance5.09 MBVersion1.15Finger BalancePaid

Ranked No.1 iOS Paid Distract Game in US furthermore Europe "The Surpass Games You've Never Played" selected by Apple on App Amass Nominated as Most Clever Game at Global Portabl

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 Memory Detective - Brain Game unknowVersion1.1.2 Memory Detective - Brain Game

Memory Detective is a brain game to challenge and train your memory and attention. You will need to focus your attention to remember the fun stuffs for short periods of time in ord

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什么样的对手才能尽兴?怎么样的战斗才够热血? 《三国志威力加强版》全新资料片横空出世,第一季跨服战吹响号角——证明实力的

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