【震惊】这游戏在圣诞节玩竟会…… 《史上最坑爹的游戏》系列续作全新改版,强势回归!历经6代,闪亮登场! 月明星稀,又到了一

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New Gold Miner10 MBVersion2.0.51New Gold Miner

In the New Nugget Prospector there are 6 episodes: Australia,Hawaii,Maya,Las Vegas,Egypt plus Atlantis. This game truss separate, twofold moreover pair-competitor VS way plus adduc

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 Flood Monster-Color Puzzle Game-Monument Valley unknowVersion1.2.0 Flood Monster-Color Puzzle Game-Monument Valley

Flood Monster is a simple yet addictive strategy puzzle quest. In this game, you need to fill the whole game board with a single color in less than the allowed steps. The available

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 Perfect Piano Varies with devVersion6.9.3 Perfect Piano

Use this app to learn to play piano with realistic instrument sounds.[ Piano ] • Support Full Keyboards of Piano. • Single Row Mode. Dual Row Mo

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 The Tapping Dead - Platformer 20MVersion2.2.3 The Tapping Dead - Platformer

 WHAT THE CONNOISSEURS ARE DICTUM ABOUT OUR PLATFORMER GAME "As the primary rescue from Loony Cricket Games, it’s tonic to comprehend a untried shop bludgeon a lovely worth

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 Travel Safety - Free for kids 47MVersion9.15.10.00 Travel Safety - Free for kids

How exciting! Kiki is going shopping with Mama Panda! It means the freedom to explore, only if he can stay out of trouble! See the problems he will run into! Perhaps, you can give

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 Battle of Balls Varies with devVersion6.6.3 Battle of Balls

Battle of Balls has broken out! This is an ultra fun, cute and challenging casual game allowing players all over the world to compete with one another in real time. In the game, yo

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 Little Panda's Drawing Board unknowVersion9.15.00.00 Little Panda's Drawing Board

Color to your heart's desire, create free-willed art, and show off the magical effects in 3D! Download [Little Panda's Drawing Board] now, and the Magic Drawing Board will be yours

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QQ农场18 MBVersion3.5.7QQ农场

QQ农场 for android v1.41版本登录即可参加摩天轮签到抽奖活动,每天都有机会获得限量版可爱种子!想和别人与众不同,就快拿起你的手机

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 Vegetable Fun 19MVersion9.15.00.00 Vegetable Fun

Vegetables just got a lot more lively with Vegetable Fun by Babybus! It is time for your children to have another good reason to like their veggies. Check out the fun activities!Fu

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 Vainglory 547MVersion2.6.0 55696 Vainglory

Outplay real opponents in this deep, uncompromising real-time MOBA. Fight with lightning-fast controls using powerful heroes. Destroy the enemy Vain crystal and claim glory! Watch

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 Shadow Play Of Monkey King unknowVersion1.0 Shadow Play Of Monkey King

【Introduction】The thousand-year-old Chinese shadow play art has now been revived on the mobile phones again. The brand-new horizontal adventure mo

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 War Monster unknowVersion1.0.2 War Monster

The hit free pixel games in arcade history!War Monster is a creative funny mix of PACMAN with SKY FORCE!It’s all about uncertain and random that will surely make y

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 Dragon Season Varies with devVersion1.5.72 Dragon Season

FLY as far as you can! Fun, destructive BLASTING!Help Nook rescue his friends from the dastardly King Jellyboo in this fun filled endless runner! * Cool quest system * Hilarious

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 Kingdom Rush Origins 162MVersion1.4.0 Kingdom Rush Origins Paid

The most addicting tower defense game returns in an all-new prequel adventure - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins! Praise for the Kingdom Rush series: the #1 Strategy Game fran

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Tap the Frog: Doodle22.23 MBVersion1.5.3Tap the Frog: Doodle

Jump in and experience 24 frog-popping, asteroid-smashing, orange-throwing mini-games! Join 10,000,000 million Tap the Frog players across the globe! So much fun for everyone! #1

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Zombie EvilVersion3.1Zombie Evil

Put on earphones to feel the symphony of bloody gunfire!2013 B.C., humans are labeled as the biggest obstacle in species evolution by the insane Dr.Evil. He believes that zombies a

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 3DTD:Chicka Invasion (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.0.2 3DTD:Chicka Invasion (Unreleased)

Chicken army is coming! Protect your house and build your own fort in creative ways!Innovative 3D tower defense gameplay, rotating horizontally. Get ready for an u

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