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Tasker 4.9u3[Paid]

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Improve everything from configurations to photos, SMS to speech. ADC2 prize winner.
Total Automated, from configurations to SMS. ADC2 finalist!
* Triggers: App, Time, Day, Place, Hard/Soft Condition, Event, Quick way, Device, Minutter, Plugins
* Actions: 200+ built-in, tool support
* Tasks: circles, factors, conditions
* Scenes: design your own screen overlays, dialogs even simple apps
Queries, Problems: see Selection / Info / Assistance in-app
It's not possible to fix issues revealed via Industry Comments...
****** Activities By Category ******
[not all actions available on all devices]
* ALERT: Flash, Inform LED/Sound/Vibrate, Terminate Notice, Pop up Timed/WithTaskIcons/Names, Flash light, Shake, Shake Pattern
* APP: Schedule Place, Go Home, Destroy App, Load App, Start Map (/StreetView/Nav)
* AUDIO: Alarm/Call/DTMF/Media/Notif./Ringer/System Volume, Haptic Reviews Toggle, Mic Mime, Notice Pulse, Notification/Ringer Shake, Quiet Function, Speaker phone, Audio Effects toggle
* DIALOG: 28 Program Settings dialogs
* DISPLAY: Auto-Brightness, Close Program Dialogs, Keyguard, Keyguard Design, Show Lighting, Show Off Timeout, Show Spinning, Set Background, Stay On, Position Bar (expand/collapse)
* ENCRYPT (not in market version): File/Directory Encrypt/Decrypt,Enter/Clear Passphrase
* FILE: Look through Files, Index Create/Delete/Move, Information file Copy/Delete/Move/Open, Write To Information file, Study Line, Study Passage, Zip/Unzip File
* INPUT: Option, Dpad, Type (root only), Reviews Method Select, Smooth Key pad (show)
* MEDIA: Press Option Activities (grab), Press Player Control, Music File/Dir, Play/Forward/Back/Stop, Photo/Series/TimeSeries, History Audio, History Audio Quit, Ringer, Check out Card
* MISC: (Broadcast) Activity Purpose, Component Purpose, Get Place, GPS Position (<2.3 or Cyanogen/submod), Run (ASE) Program, Say, Say To Information file, Shut Up, Look for For, Set Clipboard, Restart (root only), Set CPU (root only) Set Timezone
* NETWORK: Aircraft Function, Autosync, Wireless, Wireless ID, Write E-mail, Look through URL, HTTP GET, HTTP POST, Cellular Information (on/off), Cellular Information 2G/3G (Cyanogen only), USB Tether, WiFi (set/toggle), Wireless Disconnect/Reassociate/Reconnect, Wireless Sleep, Wireless Tether, Wimax (set/toggle)
* PHONE: Contact, Contact Log, Contact Block/Divert/Revert, Write MMS/SMS (Templated), Contacts, End Contact, Radio, Deliver SMS, Deliver Information SMS, Quiet Ring, Take Call
* TASKER: Change Symbol Set, If, End If, Go to Activity, Perform Task, Profile Toggle, Question Activity, Set Device Symbol, Set Device Label, Quit, Delay, Delay Until
* VARIABLES: Set, Obvious, Inc, Dec, Question, Randomize, Split, Join, List
* ZOOM: Element Position, Dimension, Condition, Exposure, Written text Dimension, Written text, Picture, Written text Colour, Picture Alpha
* 3RD PARTY: Android Notifier, Astrid, BeyondPod, JuiceDefender Data/Toggle, Soothing Security, NewsRob, OfficeTalk, SleepBot, SMS Backup+, TeslaLED, WidgetLocker
****** States ******
Airplane Function, Wireless Connected, Schedule Entry, Docked (Any/Desk/Car), Ear phones Connected (Any/Mic/No Mic), Inbound Contact, Key pad Out, Light Level, Press Option, Skipped Contact, Cellular Program (Any/2G/3G), Positioning (Face Up etc), Power Any/AC/USB, Vicinity Indicator, Signal Strength, Unread Written text, Varying Value, Wireless Program, Wireless Near
****** Activities ******
Alarm Time, Security Done, Period of time Set, Time/Date Set, Timezone Set, Display: Off/On/Unlocked, Information file Closed/Deleted/Modified/Moved/Opened/Attributes Customized, Camera Option, Look for Option Long-Press, Card Mounted/Removed/Unmounted, Act,Missed Contact, Cellphone Idle/Offhook/Ringing, Obtained Written text, SMS Deliver Success/Failure, Battery Changed/Full/Low/Overheating, Program Boot, Program Shut down, Program Storage Low, Location Customized, New/Removed/Updated Package, Background Customized, Option Device Visited, New Window, Notice, Notice Visited, Zoom capability Click, Varying Cleared/Set, E-mail Obtained (K9), Soothing Security, Kaloer Time, OpenWatch, Stumbleupon Inform, Screebl, Device Locker (Locked,Unlocked,Hidden)



Change log

Version4.9u32017-01-09Version4.9u22017-01-02Version4.9u12016-12-24Version4.92016-12-21Version4.8u52016-06-20Version4.8u22016-04-25Version4.82015-12-09Version4.8b22015-11-02Version4.7u32015-08-24Version4.72015-06-09Version4.7b152015-05-20Version4.7b122015-05-05Version4.7b92015-04-23Version4.6u22015-01-06Version4.62014-12-18Version4.5u12014-10-13Version4.52014-10-08Version4.5b62014-09-23Version4.5b52014-09-22Version4.5b42014-09-15Version4.5b22014-09-02Version4.5b12014-08-25Version4.4u32014-08-18Version4.4u22014-08-02Version4.4u12014-07-21Version4.42014-07-18Version4.3u42014-05-01Version4.3u32014-04-18Version4.32014-04-15Version4.2u32013-11-27Version4.2u22013-11-27Version4.2u12013-11-19Version4.22013-11-18Version4.1u32013-06-20Version4.0u12013-04-07Version4.02013-03-29Version1.3.3u22012-12-14Version1.3.2u1 2012-11-12Version1.3.2b1 2012-08-17Version1.3u12012-07-21Version1.3b162012-07-15Version1.3b112012-07-06Version1.2.2b82012-06-24VersionMarket2012-06-24
Description · · ·App Name:TaskerLatest:4.9u3Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:1.6 and upSize:1.3 MBUpdate:2017-01-09Permissions:Permissions
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