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ssLauncher 1.14.18[Paid]

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This application is a launcher supporting a variety of styles for shortcuts so that you can create a great mobile screen like a magazine cover page. For more wonderful screen, you can add some fancy font files(.ttf) and apply it to shortcut texts. Save your nice work to a file and share it with your friends!

* Features

- Decorate screen with a variety of styles for shortcuts and widgets.
- Support scrollable widgets.
- Easy and quick access to pages for contacts, bookmarks, application drawer, application group.
- Many useful features of application drawer: showing/hiding app, marking star for favorites apps, changing application icon and name, uninstalling app and so on
- Create application group and manage list by drag and drop.
- Save and load your theme, page layouts and settings.
- Convert the saved theme file to apk. (contact us by e-mail for more informations)
- Hide status bar, open status bar by swiping down.
- You can implement nice screen without launcher 7, dvr, minimalistic text, wp clock, clockr etc.

* We will make more optimized application through continuous updates.

keywords: launcher, magazine look

Recent changes:
* v1.2.12
- Fixed bugs in bookmark page on ICS.
- Less home delay on devices with low memory.
- Fixed ''Flipping'' animation error on some devices.
- Fixed bugs in ''Other'' type of shorcuts.
- Supports Arabic.
- Fixed some bugs and optimized.



Change log

Version1.14.182015-06-12Version1.14.92014-04-17Version1.14.82014-04-11Version1.14.72014-04-09Version1.14.52014-03-04Version1.14.22014-02-16Version1.14.12014-02-13Version1.13.92013-12-24Version1.13.82013-12-06Version1.13.72013-12-03Version1.13.62013-11-25Version1.13.52013-11-04Version1.13.42013-10-09Version1.13.32013-10-04Version1.13.22013-10-01Version1.13.12013-09-29Version1.13.02013-09-27Version1.12.172013-09-15Version1.12.152013-08-26Version1.12.142013-08-22Version1.12.132013-08-22Version1.12.122013-08-18Version1.12.112013-08-10Version1.12.102013-08-06Version1.12.92013-08-01Version1.12.42013-07-16Version1.12.22013-07-11Version1.12.12013-07-09Version1.12.02013-07-08Version1.11.102013-06-15Version1.11.92013-06-12Version1.11.82013-06-02Version1.11.62013-05-30Version1.11.52013-05-20Version1.11.42013-05-14Version1.11.32013-05-10Version1.11.22013-05-03Version1.11.12013-04-28Version1.11.02013-04-26Version1.10.72013-04-10Version1.10.42013-03-30Version1.10.32013-03-15Version1.10.22013-03-14Version1.10.12013-03-13Version1.10.02013-03-12Version1.9.102013-02-21Version1.9.92013-02-18Version1.9.72013-02-05Version1.9.62013-01-22Version1.9.52013-01-11Version1.9.42012-12-28Version1.9.32012-12-18Version1.9.22012-12-06Version1.9.12012-11-25Version1.9.02012-11-22Version1.8.9 2012-11-02Version1.8.8 2012-10-21Version1.8.7 2012-10-19Version1.8.6 2012-10-16Version1.8.5 2012-10-14Version1.8.4 2012-10-14Version1.8.2 2012-10-12Version1.8.1 2012-10-10Version1.8.0 2012-10-09Version1.7.17 2012-09-25Version1.7.16 2012-09-20Version1.7.15 2012-09-14Version1.7.14 2012-09-10Version1.7.13 2012-09-07Version1.7.12 2012-09-07Version1.7.11 2012-09-02Version1.7.10 2012-08-25Version1.7.9 2012-08-22Version1.7.8 2012-08-16Version1.7.7 2012-08-13Version1.7.42012-08-09Version1.7.12012-08-07Version1.7.02012-08-07Version1.6.122012-07-22Version1.6.112012-07-21Version1.6.92012-07-13Version1.6.82012-07-05Version1.6.72012-07-04Version1.6.62012-06-26Version1.6.52012-06-23Version1.6.42012-06-20Version1.6.32012-06-17Version1.6.22012-06-17Version1.6.02012-06-16Version1.5.192012-06-01Version1.5.182012-05-28
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