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Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe 3.050.00005-Rel [Pro][SAP]

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WOW your Android with an app like no other.
We bring your contacts and communication apps together to one place, that’s accessible from all your screens. Want to contact someone? Just swipe the contact to the right app and get in touch! Simple.

★ Contact with just one swipe - Using drupe, you can reach anyone on your contact list, using your preferred communication app, with just one swipe.
★ Always around - Yes, drupe is within your reach whenever you need it. Don’t worry, we made sure it’s not annoying. We just left a tiny trigger icon, our four dots, that is with you across all apps and screens. Whenever you need to contact someone, just swipe the dots and drupe’em. It’s that easy.
★ Organizes your address book chaos -Those of you who never had address book maintenance issues, raise your hand. No one? Right. It’s about time we’ve had some help with keeping our address book up-to-date and solve the duplicate contacts issue.
★ Launch all your communication apps from one place –Once we know who we want to contact, a world full of communication apps is at our feet. There are so many of them. drupe makes it much easier to decide which app to use, and to quickly start the interaction. WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype, phone… are all in, and there are more.
★ Communicate with groups across apps – You can either create new groups or replicate existing ones, but this time enjoy WhatsApp, conference calls, group emails or even group calendar invites, with just one swipe. You got it right, same group across all apps…
★ Unified recent communications feed – Finally you can track your recent communications log in one place, call log, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.
Bits and bytes:
❄ A new way to interact with your contacts – unified swipe for all interactions 
❄ A unified recent communications log – calls, SMS, messaging and more 
❄ An automatic, customizable favorites list 
❄ A semi-transparent trigger icon is always with you – activated with one swipe 
❄ Integrated with: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Tango, Voxer, Hangout, call, SMS, email, calendar,
Line, Waze, Viber and more
❄ Easy search- Reach all your contacts from the main screen
❄ Customize your favorites and communication apps by preference 
❄ Get help with updating relevant contact info – smart search for your friends in Skype, Facebook and more 
❄ Easily launch drupe from your lock screen as well, for quick and easy access to your contacts
❄ Interact with the same group over different apps
❄ We do not drain your battery life– Unlike others, we really mean it



Change log

Version 3.050.00005-Rel [Pro][SAP]2019-12-31Version 3.046.00023-Rel [Pro]2019-09-23Version 3.045.00018-Rel [Pro]2019-09-01Version 3.037.0017X [Pro]2018-12-10Version 3.036.0028X [Pro]2018-12-04Version 3.035.0028X-Rel [Pro]2018-11-29Version 3.035.0023X-Rel [Pro]2018-11-28Version 3.034.0028X-Rel [Pro]2018-10-26Version 3.033.0027X-Rel [Pro]2018-10-01Version 3.033.0026X-Rel [Pro]2018-09-28Version 3.033.0025X-Rel [Pro]2018-09-26Version 3.032.0051X-Rel [Pro]2018-09-14Version 3.032.0048X-Rel [Pro]2018-09-11Version 3.031.0056X-Rel [Pro]2018-08-21Version 3.031.0054X-Rel [Pro]2018-08-17Version 3.031.0049X-Rel [Pro]2018-08-13Version 3.031.0048X-Rel [Pro]2018-08-11Version 3.030.0066X-Rel [Pro]2018-08-10Version 3.030.0056X-Rel [Pro]2018-07-19Version 3.030.0053X-Rel [Pro]2018-07-17Version 3.029.0066X-Rel [Pro]2018-07-02Version 3.029.0061X-Rel [Pro]2018-06-29Version 3.028.0059X-Rel [Pro]2018-06-26Version 3.028.0057X-Rel [Pro]2018-06-23Version 3.028.0054X-Rel [Pro]2018-06-16Version 3.028.0052X-Rel [Pro]2018-06-16Version 3.026.0033X-Rel [2018-04-30Version 3.026.0030X-Rel [Pro]2018-04-27Version 3.026.0013X-Rel [Pro]2018-04-12Version 3.020.0031X-Rel b313 [Pro]2018-03-25Version 3.020.0031X-Rel [Pro]2018-03-22Version 3.020.0031X-Rel2018-03-22Version 3.020.0029X-Rel b2932018-03-20Version 3.020.0029X-Rel b292 [Pro]2018-03-20Version 3.020.0029X-Rel [Pro]2018-03-20Version 3.020.0028X-Rel b283 [Pro]2018-03-15Version 3.020.0028X-Rel [Pro]2018-03-14Version 3.020.0004X-Rel2018-03-11Version 3.017.0038X-Rel b383 [Pro]2018-03-08Version 3.017.0038X-Rel [Pro]2018-03-06Version 3.017.0032X-Rel [Pro]2018-02-28Version 3.017.0028X-Rel [Pro]2018-02-26Version 3.017.0028X-Rel2018-02-26Version 3.017.0021X-Rel b214 [Pro]2018-02-25Version 3.017.0021X-Rel [Pro]2018-02-24Version 3.017.0021X-Rel2018-02-22Version 3.017.0020X-Rel2018-02-20Version 3.017.0014X-Rel2018-02-20Version 3.017.0012X-Rel2018-02-19Version 3.016.0050X-Rel2018-02-16Version 3.015.0130X-Rel2018-02-07Version 3.015.0119X-Rel2018-02-02Version 3.014.0124X-Rel [Unlocked]2018-01-25Version 3.014.0124X-Rel2018-01-25Version 3.014.0112X-Rel2018-01-20Version 3.014.0109X-Rel2018-01-19Version 3.014.0090X-Rel2018-01-18Version 3.013.0080X-Rel2018-01-10Version 3.013.0069X-Rel2018-01-07Version 3.013.0064X-Rel2018-01-04Version 3.013.0044X-Rel2017-12-30Version 3.013.0041X-Rel2017-12-28Version 3.012.0023X-Rel2017-12-27Version 3.010.0139X-Rel2017-12-10Version3.010.0129X-Rel2017-11-29Version3.010.0126X-Rel2017-11-28Version3.009.0103X-Rel2017-11-08Version3.005.0082X-Rel2017-04-26Version3.005.0076X-Rel2017-04-21Version3.005.0064X-Rel2017-04-17Version3.005.0062X-Rel2017-04-14Version3.005.0045X-Rel2017-04-10Version3.004.0117X-Rel2017-04-07Version3.003.0217X-Rel2017-03-30Version3.003.0214X-Rel2017-03-22Version3.003.0198X-Rel2017-03-06Version3.002.0099X-Rel2017-02-13Version3.002.0090X-Rel2017-02-05Version3.002.0059X-Rel2017-01-30Version3.002.0043X-Rel2017-01-12Version3.000.0085X-Rel2016-12-28Version3.000.0081X-Rel2016-12-18Version2.008.0211X-Rel2016-10-20Version2.005.00141-Rel2016-08-05Version2.005.00130-Rel2016-08-01Version2.005.00118-Rel2016-07-19Version2.004.00120-Rel2016-07-05Version2.004.00110-Rel2016-06-27Version2.003.00138-Rel2016-05-31Version2.002.00176-Rel2016-05-16Version2.002.00173-Rel2016-05-12Version2.001.00149-Rel2016-04-26Version2.001.00142-Rel2016-04-21Version2.001.00133-Rel2016-04-12Version2.001.00123-Rel2016-04-05Version2.000.00044-Rel2016-03-28Version1.126.00018-Rel2016-03-02Version1.124.00072-Rel2016-02-16Version1.124.00069-Rel2016-01-28Version1.124.00067-Rel2016-01-21Version1.124.00065-Rel2016-01-13Version1.122.00009-Rel2015-12-25Version1.122.00007-Rel2015-12-23Version1.119.10018-Rel2015-12-11Version1.118.00168-Rel2015-11-12Version1.118.00130-Rel2015-10-22Version1.118.00119-Rel2015-10-21Version1.117.00047-Rel2015-08-24Version1.116.00024-Rel2015-08-18Version1.109.00030-Rel2015-06-15Version1.108.00028-Rel2015-05-29Version1.107.00013-Rel2015-05-26Version1.105.00057-Rel2015-05-06Version1.105.00049-Rel2015-05-04Version1.104.00020-Rel2015-04-28Version1.103.00006-Rel2015-04-23Version1.101.00002-Rel2015-04-20Version1.099.00002-Rel2015-04-16Version1.099.00001-Rel2015-04-10Version1.093.00002-Rel2015-04-03Version1.091.00002-Rel2015-03-30VersionMarket2015-03-26
Description · · ·App Name:Contacts Phone Dialer: drupeLatest:3.050.00005-Rel [Pro][SAP]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:4.1 and upSize:9.9MUpdate:2019-12-31Permissions:Permissions
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