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Call Notes Pro - check out who is calling 20.05.02 [Paid][Paid]

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Call Notes Pro helps you to identify who is calling you. You will see floating window with note and different address book fields like company, position, birthday, even country and mobile operator. You can also enter notes as to when you are on call and even sync your in-app notes with Evernote and OneNote.
“Call Notes Is a Cheat Sheet While You’re on the Phone.” Gizmodo
No questions asked refund within the first 24 hours!
You won’t have to ask yourself “who calls me?” anymore. The application shows you notes, company, position, birthday, and closest event from the calendar and so on during the call in float window.
The application is a must have for those who communicate a lot with new people and who have a long list of contacts. Business owners, consultants, lawyers, sales, recruiters, and journalists are happy users of the app.
Call Notes Pro is your personal simple CRM and Caller ID.
* Display information such as contact note, in-app note, company, title, birthday, group, calendar event, name, last call time, number and its type, type of the call, address, email and website.
* Modify the notes directly from the application, after the call and even during the call.
* Customization, you can adjust the location of the floating note as well as the font size and color.
* Support for all Android address book fields and internal note database. You can put notes even for unknown numbers.
* Sync in-app notes with Evernote and OneNote.
* Show notes on your Android Wear device
* All Android versions are supported: Android Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and even HTC Sense support
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Version 20.05.02 [Paid]05-28 01:05Version 20.05.01 [Paid]2020-05-13Version 20.04.5 [Paid]2020-04-30Version 20.04.4 [Paid]2020-04-18Version 20.04.3 [Paid]2020-04-14Version 20.04.2 [Paid]2020-04-11Version 10.0.7 [Paid]2020-02-07Version 10.0.6 [Paid]2020-02-06Version 10.0.5 [Paid]2020-01-31Version 10.0.4 [Paid]2020-01-17Version 10.0.3 [Paid]2020-01-14Version 10.0.2 [Paid]2020-01-11Version 10.0.1 [Paid]2019-12-28Version 10.0 [Paid]2019-12-25Version 9.3.3 [Paid]2019-09-23Version 9.3.2 [Paid]2019-09-05Version 9.3.1 [Paid]2019-09-03Version 9.3 [Paid]2019-08-29Version 9.0.2 [Paid]2019-05-04Version 8.4 [Paid]2019-04-25Version 8.2.8 [Paid]2019-04-09Version 8.2.7 [Paid]2019-03-26Version 8.2.6 [Paid]2019-03-26Version 8.1.1 [Paid]2018-12-04Version 8.1.0 b171 [Paid]2018-12-01Version 8.1.0 [Paid]2018-11-30Version 8.1.0 [Paid]2018-11-30Version 7.4.8 [Paid]2018-08-24Version 7.4.5 b144 [Paid]2018-05-17Version 7.4.5 b143 [Paid]2018-05-16Version 7.4.5 [Paid]2018-05-15Version 7.4.4 b141 [Paid]2018-04-28Version 7.4.3 b139 [Paid]2018-04-12Version 7.4.2 [Paid]2018-04-10Version 7.4 b137[Paid]2018-03-31Version 7.4 b135 [Paid]2018-02-26Version 7.4 b133 [Paid]2018-02-25Version 7.4 b132 [Paid]2018-02-23Version 7.3 b129 [Paid]2018-01-25Version 7.3 b128 [Paid]2018-01-24Version 7.3 b127 [Paid]2018-01-22Version 7.3 b127 [Paid]2018-01-22Version 7.3 b126 [Paid]2018-01-21Version 7.3 [Paid]2018-01-19Version7.2.22017-11-30Version7.2.12017-11-27Version7.2.1 build (123)2017-11-27Version7.2 b1222017-11-25Version7.2 build (121)2017-11-25Version7.2 b1202017-11-24Version7.22017-11-17Version7.1 build (118)2017-11-16Version7.12017-11-15Version7.0.82017-11-08VersionGoogle Play2017-11-08
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