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Phone Finder  Varies with device

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Build to make you MEIZU phone safer and stronger
「Phone Finder」is an independent app which has the same name as MEIZU phones built-in phone retrieving service. The app now supports mainstream Android phones. When accidentally lost a MEIZU phone, the user can use the app or website to exert the following operations: reporting loss, locating, locking, shooting photos, sending messages, playing alert, wiping data and etc. All these operations can secure data safety and help retrieving the lost phone.

Send messages: Display preset information on the lost phone’s notification bar. To help the finder contact the owner, this message cannot be swiped and deleted.
Play alert: The phone will play default alert ringtone for 3 minutes in maximum volume. The sound will stop once the phone is correctly unlocked;
Wipe data: Restores factory settings and formats SD card. After wiping data, features such as locating and locking are still available;
Locate: Locates the phone through network and GPS;
Shoot photos secretly: The user can control the front camera to take photos of the face of the person who uses the lost phone without being detected;
Remote lock: A locked phone’s system cannot be accessed unless a Flyme password is entered or unlocked on the app;
Access numbers: Supports auto-sending new numbers when there is a SIM replacement; users can also send remote command to access the new SIM number;
Check status: view the lost phone’s network status, operating time and etc.
Certain features are only supported by Flyme 5

1. Make sure you’ve enabled Phone Finder in ‘Settings-Flyme account-My Flyme-Phone Finder’;
2. Download this app and login by the same Flyme account as on the phone to enable Phone Finder features;
3. You can also use Phone Finder via MEIZU website to exert the same operations as the phone app such as locating, locking and data wiping;



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