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MacroDroid - Device Automation  3.28.2 build 8216 [Mod]

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MacroDroid is a task automation and configuration app that focuses heavily on usability with a simple UI and logical step by step process.

From "MacroDroid is an utterly brilliant, and less expensive, alternative (to Tasker) that is definitely worth trying out" (4.6/5)

Please note MacroDroid is currently available in English, Spanish, German, Portugese and Polish.

A few examples of what MacroDroid can automate:
• Shake the device to upload the last photo to Facebook.
• Turn on Wifi or Data connection when you launch a particular app (and off again when closed).
• Respond to an incoming SMS by sending your current location.
• Toggle the power button to tell you the time (e.g. when its in your pocket).
• Use NFC tags to configure the device (turn on bluetooth, set volume etc).

Creating a custom Macro is easy:
• Click 'Add Macro'
• Select a trigger from a list - (e.g. Battery Level).
• Configure any trigger specific settings - (e.g. Battery Level < 10%)
• Select an action from a list - (e.g Enable/Disable Wifi)
• Configure any action specific setting - (e.g. Disable Wifi)
• Add more actions as required (up to 10)
• Optionally select a constraint from a list - (e.g. Day of the Week)
• Configure constraint as required (e.g. Saturday and Sunday)
• Add more constraints as required (up to 10).
• Choose a name and category for the Macro.

MacroDroid includes a list of template Macros to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the application. These templates can be used as is, or customised to meet your needs.
A subset of the MacroDroid features are listed below:
Over 45 Different Triggers including:
Airplane Mode Enabled/Disabled, App Installed/Removed, App Opened/Closed, Battery Level, Bluetooth Event, Day/Time, Device Boot, Device Docked/Undocked, Dial Phone Number, Headphones Inserted/Removed, Location Trigger, Media Button Press, Mobile Service Status, NFC Tag, Power Button Toggle, Power Connected/Removed, Regular Interval, Screen On/Off, Shake Device, SMS Received, SMS Sent, Widget Button Press, Wifi State Change.
Over 70 Different Actions including:
Auto Answer Call, Control Media, Display Notification, Delete SMS, Enable/Disable Bluetooth & Connect to Audio Device, Enable/Disable Auto Rotate, Enable/Disable Auto Sync, Enable/Disable Data, Enabled/Disable GPS (*), Enable/Disable Wifi, Enable/Disable Wifi Hotspot, Forward SMS, Kill Application, Launch Application, Make Call, Open Website, Play Sound, Popup Message, Reboot/Power Off, Record Microphone, Say Current Time, Send SMS, Set Brightness, Set Airplane Mode, Set Keyguard, Set MacroDroid Mode, Set Ringtone, Set Screen Timeout, Set Volume, Set Wallpaper, Share Location, Sleep Before Next Action, Speak Text, Take Picture, Upload Last Photo, Vibrate
Over 25 Different Constraints including:
Battery Level, Bluetooth State, Call State, Day of the Week, External Power, Headphone Connection, MacroDroid Mode, Phone Ringing, Ringer Volume, Running Application, Screen On/Off, Time of Day, Wifi State
Pro Version
The free version of MacroDroid is limited to five macros and a single action and constraint per macro. You can upgrade in the application to allow unlimited macros with multiple actions and constraints.



Change log

Version 3.28.2 build 8216 [Mod]2018-10-05Version 3.28.1 build 8215 [Mod]2018-10-05Version 3.28.1 build 8214 [Mod]2018-10-04Version 3.28.0 build 8213 [Mod]2018-10-03Version 3.27.0 build 8211 [Mod]2018-08-31Version 3.26.4 build 8209 [Mod]2018-08-04Version 3.26.3 build 8205 [Mod]2018-07-30Version 3.26.2 build 8204 [Mod]2018-07-25Version 3.26.1 build 8201 [Mod]2018-07-23Version 3.26.1 build 8200 [Mod]2018-07-23Version 3.26.0 build 8198 [Mod]2018-07-14Version 3.26.0 build 8197 [Mod]2018-07-13Version 3.26.0 build 8196 [Mod]2018-07-12Version 3.25.0 build 8191 [Mod]2018-06-21Version 3.25.0 build 8190 [Mod]2018-06-19Version 3.24.1 build 8188 [Mod]2018-05-24Version 3.24.0 build 8187 [Mod]2018-05-23Version 3.23.3 build 8183 [Mod]2018-05-07Version 3.23.2 build 8181 [Mod]2018-05-04Version 3.23.1 build 8180 [Mod]2018-05-01Version 3.23.0 build 8177 [Mod]2018-04-30Version 3.22.2 build 8175 [Mod]2018-04-18Version 3.22.1 build 8173 [Mod]2018-04-14Version 3.22.0 build 8172 [Mod]2018-04-12Version 3.21.0 build 8169 [Mod]2018-04-06Version 3.21.0 build 8168 [Mod]2018-04-06Version 3.21.0 build 8167 [Mod]2018-04-05Version 3.20.0 build 8163 [Mod]2018-03-23Version 3.19.14 build 8160 [Mod]2018-03-20Version 3.19.13 build 8158 [Mod]2018-03-12Version 3.19.13 build 8156 [Mod]2018-03-04Version 3.19.13 build 8155 [Mod]2018-03-03Version build 8153 [Mod]2018-02-16Version build 8152 [Mod]2018-02-15Version 3.19.12 build 8150 [Mod]2018-02-14Version 3.19.12 build 8148 [Mod]2018-02-13Version build 8146 [Mod]2018-02-05Version 3.19.11 build 8145 [Mod]2018-02-04Version 3.19.11 build 8144 [Mod]2018-02-03Version build 8141 [Mod]2018-01-28Version 3.19.10 build 8140 [Mod]2018-01-28Version 3.19.10 build 8139 [Mod]2018-01-27Version 3.19.10 [Pro+AOSP]2018-01-26Version 3.19.9 build 8136 [Pro+AOSP]2018-01-11Version 3.19.8 build 8133 [Pro+AOSP]2018-01-04Version 3.19.8-beta [Pro+AOSP]2017-12-23Version3.19.7 [Pro+AOSP]2017-12-02Version3.19.6 [Pro+AOSP]2017-12-02Version3.19.5 [Pro+AOSP]2017-11-14Version3.19.4 build 8117 [Pro+AOSP]2017-11-09Version3.19.4 [Pro + AOSP]2017-11-08Version3.19.4 build 8115 [Pro+AOSP]2017-11-08Version3.17.182017-05-12Version3.17.152017-04-20Version3.17.132017-04-01Version3.17.122017-03-28Version3.17.112017-03-27Version3.17.92017-03-06Version3.17.72017-02-21Version3.17.62017-02-13Version3.17.52017-02-08Version3.17.42017-01-29Version3.16.112017-01-13Version3.16.102017-01-03Version3.16.92016-12-25Version3.16.72016-12-10Version3.16.62016-11-30Version3.16.12016-11-08Version3.15.92016-10-24Version3.15.82016-10-16Version3.15.72016-10-08Version3.15.32016-09-22Version3.14.02016-08-15Version3.13.192016-08-09Version3.13.182016-08-02Version3.13.152016-07-16Version3.13.112016-07-01Version3.13.102016-06-24Version3.13.92016-06-21Version3.13.82016-06-20Version3.13.72016-06-14Version3.13.62016-06-08Version3.13.42016-06-06Version3.13.22016-05-31Version3.13.12016-05-27Version3.12.22016-05-24Version3.12.12016-05-19Version3.12.02016-05-17Version3.11.92016-05-11Version3.11.82016-04-18Version3.11.72016-04-06Version3.11.62016-03-30Version3.11.52016-03-14Version3.11.22016-02-15Version3.11.12016-02-04Version3.11.02016-02-02Version3.10.72016-01-27Version3.10.42016-01-11Version3.10.12015-12-31Version3.10.02015-12-25Version3.9.82015-12-23Version3.9.42015-12-03Version3.9.32015-11-27Version3.9.12015-11-23Version3.8.92015-11-13Version3.8.62015-11-11Version3.8.52015-11-05Version3.8.42015-10-30Version3.8.12015-10-20Version3.7.82015-10-10Version3.7.72015-10-08Version3.7.52015-10-07Version3.7.42015-10-04Version3.6.42015-09-16Version3.6.32015-09-10Version3.6.22015-09-02Version3.6.12015-08-24Version3.5.82015-08-03Version3.5.72015-07-20Version3.5.42015-07-07Version3.5.32015-06-24Version3.4.92015-05-26Version3.4.82015-05-19Version3.4.62015-05-06Version3.4.12015-04-17Version3.4.02015-04-07Version3.3.82015-03-31Version3.3.72015-03-16Version3.3.62015-03-11Version3.3.52015-03-04Version3.3.42015-02-27Version3.3.02015-02-17Version3.2.62015-02-04Version3.2.42015-01-29Version3.2.12015-01-04Version3.1.62014-12-24Version3.1.52014-12-22Version3.1.32014-12-09Version3.0.72014-10-04Version3.0.62014-09-30Version3.0.52014-09-29Version3.0.42014-09-28VersionMarket2014-09-28
Description · · ·App Name: MacroDroid - Device Automation Latest:3.28.2 build 8216 [Mod]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:4.0 and upSize:8.9MUpdate:2018-10-05Permissions:Permissions
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