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1Password  7.0.6.BETA-1 [Pro]

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1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap. It’s the best way to stay secure and the fastest way to use the web. Learn more with our sweet motivational video:

Try 1Password today! Through August 1, everyone can try our premium features for free!
Learn more:

- Generate strong, unique passwords for every site and login with a tap
- Let 1Password remember your passwords so you don’t have to
- Sync your passwords and secure wallet items to PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad
- Protect your data behind a single Master Password
- Secure with Tamper-proof Authenticated Encryption using AES-256 and Encrypt-then-MAC
- Auto-Lock keeps your data protected even if your device is lost or stolen


1Password is a beautiful, secure app for passwords and beyond. Never leave vital information at home again.

- Create, edit, and use all sorts of items, including: Credit Cards, Secure Notes, Passports, Bank Accounts, and much more
- Mark your most-used items as Favorites for quick access
- Organize your items into Folders
- View attachments added from PC or Mac
- Find what you need quickly with powerful search
- Customize your items to save everything you need


1Password keeps your life in sync with other editions including 1Password for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, sold separately at

- Dropbox support for automatic cross-platform sync
- Use Folder Sync to keep your data in sync without using the cloud

Learn more about 1Password 4 for Android at our website:

Get support:


Change log

Version 7.0.6.BETA-1 [Pro]2018-10-04 Version 7.0.5 [Pro]2018-09-15 Version 7.0.4 [Pro]2018-09-08 Version 7.0.3 [Pro]2018-09-02 Version 7.0.2 [Pro]2018-08-25 Version 7.0.1 [Pro]2018-08-24 Version 7.0.BETA-21 [Pro]2018-08-22 Version 7.0.BETA-20 [Pro]2018-08-18 Version 7.0.BETA-19 [Pro]2018-08-16 Version 7.0.BETA-17 [Pro]2018-08-04 Version 7.0.BETA-16 [Pro]2018-07-28 Version 7.0.BETA-15 [Pro]2018-07-21 Version 7.0.BETA-14 [Pro]2018-07-07 Version 7.0.BETA-13 [Pro]2018-06-23 Version 7.0.BETA-12 [Pro]2018-06-09 Version 7.0.BETA-11 [Pro]2018-06-02 Version 7.0.BETA-10 [Pro]2018-05-28 Version 7.0.BETA-8 [Pro]2018-05-05 Version 6.8 [Pro]2018-05-01 Version 7.0.BETA-7 [Pro]2018-04-28 Version 7.0.BETA-6 [Pro]2018-04-24 Version 7.0.BETA-5 [Pro]2018-04-14 Version 7.0.BETA-4 [Pro]2018-03-30 Version 6.7.3 [Pro]2018-03-27 Version 7.0.BETA-3 [Pro]2018-03-24 Version 7.0.BETA-2 [Pro]2018-03-20 Version 7.0.BETA-1 [Pro]2018-03-10 Version 6.7.2 [Pro]2018-02-24 Version 6.7.2.BETA-4 [Pro]2018-02-22 Version 6.7.2.BETA-3 [Pro]2018-02-17 Version 6.7.2.BETA-2 [Pro]2018-02-10 Version 6.7.1 [Pro]2018-01-19 Version 6.7.2.BETA-1 [Pro]2018-01-18 Version 6.7.1b6070103 BETA-1 [Pro]2018-01-13 Version 6.7.1.BETA-1 [Pro]2018-01-13 Version 6.7 [Pro]2017-12-16 Version 6.7.BETA-7 [Pro]2017-12-13 Version 6.7.BETA-6 [Pro]2017-12-09 Version 6.7.BETA-5 [Pro]2017-12-02 Version 6.7.BETA-4 [Pro]2017-11-25 Version 6.7.BETA-3 [Pro]2017-11-11 Version 6.5.22017-04-26 Version 6.5.12017-03-28 Version 6.32017-03-22 Version 6.5.12017-02-15 Version 6.52017-02-05 Version 6.4.52017-02-02 Version 6.4.32016-11-14 Version 6.32016-08-29 Version 6.42016-08-27 Version 6.3.32016-06-16 Version 6.3.22016-06-08 Version 6.2.12016-03-30 Version 6.22016-03-16 Version 6.1b3 201602172016-02-19 Version 6.0.12016-02-10 Version 6.02016-02-09 Version 4.5.32015-10-04 Version 4.5.22015-08-19 Version 4.5.12015-08-17 Version 4.5b6 201506302015-07-02 Version 4.2.12015-04-18 Version 4.1.42014-11-28 Version 4.1.32014-11-17 Version 4.1.22014-10-02 Version 4.1.12014-08-28 Version 4.12014-08-20 Version 4.0.12014-06-17 Version 4.0.02014-06-11 Version Market2014-06-11
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Description · · · App Name: 1Password Latest:7.0.6.BETA-1 [Pro] Size:Free English:English ROM:4.0 and up Size:3.1M Update:2018-10-04 Permissions: Permissions
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